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item no.: 107585204001
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product name: KOBAYASHI SEIYAKU Cure Heat Patch for Joint (6piece) item no.: 107585204001 brand: KOBAYASHI SEIYAKU
function: category: Pain Relief Patch product size: 6 piece
country of origin: Japan



Kobayashi Cure Heat Patch for Joint is an air-activated patch that generates an average 40℃ natural therapeutic heat which quickly penetrates into the affected areas continuously for 8 hours, effectively relieves joint pain, knee pain, elbow pain, muscle stiffness and fatigue. With special elasticated wrap allows it to cover firmly and thoroughly the entire joint area. It ensures the therapeutic heat to radiate through the affected areas and penetrate to the source of pain. Effectively promotes blood circulation, relieves pain and relaxes tense and sore muscles, improves lacking in strength at joints and increases mobility. Thin and discreet patch, it does not affect movement of joint, ideal to use anywhere.

Non-medicinal, fragrance free, without any side effect, suitable for persons who are allergic to medicine.


  • Misuse of heat patch can cause low temperature burn.
  • Do not adhere the heat patch directly to the skin to avoid burns.
  • Ensure good air ventilation over the applied area of the heat patch. Do not apply pressure or lie on the heat patch during use. Do not use it while sleeping.
  • Do not use continuously for more than 8 hours in any 24 hours period. If the heat patch becomes uncomfortably hot, please take off immediately.

how to use

  • Only tear to open the sachet when you are ready to use. Take out the elasticated wrap and place it over the knee or elbow area. Tear to open the sachet by hand (do not cut) and take out the heat patch.
  • Insert the heat patches into the wrap pockets on both sides of the wrap, one patch into each pocket (as illustrated in the picture: the side with English words should face the skin.) Adjust the elasticated wrap to a comfortable position.
  • Do not knead the heat patch, it is air-activated, it warms up gradually and reaches maximum heat within approximately 30 minutes.

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