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item no.: 106639102001
now: US$8.00
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specification: 36 piece
functions:Acne SoothingPore MinimizingBlackhead RemovingAcne CarePeeling


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product name: 3M - Nexcare 3M
Thin Acne Dressing pack (36piece)
item no.: 106639102001 brand: 3M - Nexcare
function: Acne SoothingPore MinimizingBlackhead RemovingAcne CarePeeling category: Acne Essence product size: 36 piece
country of origin: Hong Kong



*Absorbs Secretion effectively

*2.5 times absobency more compared with other brands

*promotes healing and lower risk of scar formation

*40% thinner(compared to 3M current product, 40% thinner than average), more invisible as close to skin color, for day time use or put on before *wearing make up

*warerproof, breathable, comfortable

*avoids direct contact, dirt and other contaminants

*no medication, suitable for all skin types

*made in GMP (Good manufacturing Practice) certified factory, safe & reliable product quality

how to use

Clean and dry the skin and hands thoroughly.Remove the film at the back of an acne dressing and cover it on the acne. Fix it tightly by pressing on the rim.Replace when the acne dressing turns white (including full absorption of secretion).The acne dressing should be applied before wearing make-up.

Replace when the acne dressing turns white (indicating full absorption of secretion).If skin becomes red and swollen, or if burning, aching and other forms of irritation occur, cease using and seek medical advice at once.It is normal to find bubbles in the colloid.

One characteristic of Nexcare™ Acne dressing is that it turns white after absorbing the secretion. Replacement should be made once that happens. Check daily the acne's situation. After cleaning and drying, apply a new acne dressing. Even if the acne dressing turns white within a day, it should be replaced. No replacement is needed after the acne is healed.

Not recommend to be used simultaneously with other medication.

country of origin

Hong Kong

suitable for

oily and acne skin